Nuclear Hoax. There is no radioactive contamination in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Fukushima.

Many lies are prevalent in the world.
The biggest lie is nuclear technology such as nuclear power plant and the nuclear weapon.
The two nuclear weapons were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and they were destroyed thoroughly. However, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were rebuilt quickly, and now a lot of people live there.

In 2015, 70 years after bombing, people in Hiroshima, both male and female, enjoy 9th and 10th highest life expectancy in Japan, 81.08 years old and 87.33 years old, respectively.

Is there any effect of radioactive contamination?
Never. There is no radioactive in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The A-bomb is just a Magnesium bomb.

What about Fukushima? The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant exploded, but what about the radioactive contamination?

Caesium is not detected into children in Fukushima. Also, the vegetables and meats from Fukushima are safe.

Why? Because the nuclear power is hoax. Nuclear power plants are generated by salt water and metal such as magnesium.
There is no radioactive contamination in Fukushima. Some of the animals left in Fukushima dead for lack of food, but the others look well. It is the same in Chernobyl.

The truth is the nuclear power plant and the nuclear weapon do not exist.

Nuclear Hoax!!! (3)

The atomic bomb is just a magnesium bomb.

So, there is no radioactive in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This video show you the proof.

Sounds crazy? I know. But read these articles below before you make the haphazard judgment.



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The Nuclear Hoax!!!(2)

There is no radioactive contamination in Fukushima, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is not in Chernobyl either.
There is no radioactive contamination anywhere in the world.
Nuclear technology was a myth.
The Nuclear power plants generate electricity with salt water and metal such as Magnesium.
And the Nuclear bombs are Magnesium bombs.

The following, the text of the sound.

I will tell you the truth revealed by the great Apostle Rapt. God helps him and he reveals the deception and truth of the world.

About 10km from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Mr Yamamoto breeds about 50 cattle.
They must be exposed to a large amount of radioactive substances such as caesium.

Two months after the nuclear accident, Japanese government decided to dispose of livestock left in the 20 kilometer radius of Fukushima nuclear power plant, but Mr Yamamoto refused that dicision and left his cattle in the ranch.

In the three locations of Fukushima, including Yamamoto’s ranch, the survey of about 160 exposed cattle which were not dispose has been continued.

Researchers from Tohoku University, Kitasato University and veterinarians collaborated with Yamamoto’s ranch. And they have continued to investigate the effects of radiation through the analysis of blood examinations, urine tests, and genetic changes in exposed cattle.Some cattle have a cumulative dose of radiation estimated to be 2,000 millisievert.

However, the effects of radiation exposure, such as the reduction of white blood cells, have not been confirmed in previous studies.
And it has been found that radioactive substances in cattle are discharged in about three months, if they feed the cattle on ‘non-dirty’ food.

How? It dosen’t add up.
The half-life of caesium is 30 years. Why did it disappear in only three months?

In 2012, after the nuclear accident, the children of Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, were examined and caesium was detected from 35% of them.
However, it was detected only 10% or less of them in 2013, and it was detected only 5% or less of them in 2014.
And then, in 2014, 4,000 children were examined using Babyscan which is wholebody counter for infants and can examine more precisely.
There were no children who were detected caesium in their bodis.

Why has caesium disappeared in all children for only three years or so?
Caesium is not as dangerous as people are told.
There is no radiation exposure in Fukushima, not only “external exposure”, but also “internal exposure”.

The truth is, Nuclear power plants are hoax. And the nuclear bombs are hoax too.
The Nuclear power plants generate electricity with salt water and metal such as Magnesium. And the Nuclear bombs are Magnesium bombs.

However, since a large amount of caesium have been detected in cattle, there are actually radioactive substances in Fukushima.
But, we already know that there is no nuclear bomb or nuclear power plant in our reserch.
So, I thought that it was likely someone had purposely scattered the substances to be detected as the radioactive.
Who scattered them? And How?
They may be scattered by the Chemtrail by Japanese government.
Why did Japanese government do this?

“3/11” was man-made earthquake. The Japanese government caused it to rob the land of Fukushima, pretending to be radioactive contamination and driving people out of the land. The real criminal are “Taro Aso” Financial Minister and “Shinzo Abe” Prime minister and their relatives. They are the top of the Illuminati.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and most of his cabinet members are a part of the Nippon Kaigi (the Japan Conference), an ultra-nationalist group that aims to repeal the Peace Constitution and to revive imperial Japan with the Emperor as the head of state.

The founding members of the Nippon Kaigi are the fundamentalists of the Seicho-no-Ie cult.
They believe that wars are the best religious event for spiritual evolution. They are wannabe warmongers. at the expense of ordinary citizens.

Then, what is caesium?
It is writtern in Wikipedia.
Roasting pollucite with calcium carbonate and calcium chloride yields insoluble calcium silicates and soluble caesium chloride. Leaching with water or dilute ammonia yields a dilute chloride solution. This solution can be evaporated to produce caesium chloride or transformed into caesium alum or caesium carbonate. Though not commercially feasible, the ore can be directly reduced with potassium, sodium, or calcium in vacuum can produce caesium metal directly.

It is possible to produce caesium chloride with calcium carbonate and calcium chloride.
And it is said that calcium carbonate is produced when calcium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide.

On March 1, 1954, a large amount of nuclear fallout created by the US military’s hydrogen bomb experiment at the Bikini Atoll fell on the fifth Fukuryumaru. Its nuclear fallout contained calcium hydroxide. Unprotected exposure to calcium hydroxide can cause severe skin irritation, chemical burns, blindness, lung damage or liver damage.

The nuclear fallout is most likely calcium hydroxide.
In Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when exploding the nuclear bomb, there is a possibility that a large amount of calcium hydroxide was scattered, or maybe Illuminati had packed it in the bomb beforehand.
Therefore, I think that people who had various symptoms might have been in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
But in Fukushima, God did not ally with Illuminati.
All of their plans failed, and no matter how much the Chemtrail was seeded in the sky, it was not possible to cause symptomes of radiation exposure in Fukushima.

In addition, iodine has been detected in the soil survey after “3/11”.
Silver iodide is used for artificial rainfall. If they seed the “silver iodide” by the Chemtrail, they can make rain, and they can sow iodine, which is detected as a radioactive pollutant.

Nuclear power plants and Nuclear bombs are hoax.


Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Bombs do not Exist Part I (1 of 2)

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