Is North Korea an Axis of Evil? Japan and North Korea are allies. Shinzo Abe and Kim Jong-un are relatives.

Kim Jong-un’s mother is Megumi Yokota who is a victim of abduction.

North Korean abductions of Japanese citizens is hoax!!!

Megumi Yokota and Shinzo Abe Japanese Prime Minister and Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, are descendants of Japanese Imperial family, and of the Korean royal family.



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I will tell you the truth revealed by the great Apostle Rapt. God helps him and he reveals the deception and truth of the world.

Japan and North Korea are allies.

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, and Mikio Date, the Date family of Japan, are very alike. I wonder why?

North Korea is a country created by ‘Osamu Hatanaka (Kim Chaek)’, Japanese covert operative, sent to the Asian continent by the Imperial Japanese Army before the World War 2.
Kim Il sung is one of the Date family of Japan, and The Date family is descended from the Fujiwara family. The Fujiwara familly is close relative of the Imperial family of Japan.
Shinzo Abe Prime Minister and Taro Aso are also Fujiwara families and relatives of Imperial family.
Fujiwara family’s founder was the Prince of Baekje which was a kingdom in southwest Korea.

Kim Jong-il is said to be a son of Osamu Hatanaka, not Kim Il sung.
Osamu Hatanaka is ‘Genji’ which is one of the Imperial family. I’ll show you his family tree later.

Kim jong-un’s mother is Megumi Yokota.
Her mother is Sakie Yokota, whose father is Yi Un, the emperor of Korea, and whose mother is Masako Ri, the Imperial family of Japan.
Kim jong-un’s father is Kim Jong-il, but Kim jong-un is alike to Mikio Date, so his father may be someone of the Date family.
Anyway, Kim Jong-un is a descendant of the emperor of Korea and Imperial family of Japan.

Let’s arrange the picture of Kim Jong-nam and his father Kim Il-sung, grand father Kunimune Da-te, great-grandfather Yoshikuni Date. They are very alike, aren’t they?

Next, let’s arrange the picture of Mikio Date and Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-nam. They are very alike too.

Then, let’s take a look at Kim Jong-un’s family tree.
Kim Jong-un.
Megumi Yokota.
Kim Jong-il.
Osamu Hatanaka. He is grand son of Otokichi Ueda who is ‘Genji’ and the relative of the japanese Imperial family.

There is Tsunesaburo Makiguchi. He is the founder of Soka Gakkai, Cult.
And, there is one of the Imperial family, Prince Taruhito Arisugawa.
His son, Onizaburo Deguchi, is one of the two spiritual leaders of the Omoto,Cult.
Kim jong-un and the Imperial family of Japan, the Japanese cults are related by blood.

Next,let’s take a look at the picture of Masako Ri and Shintaro Abe who is the father of Shinzo Abe Japanese Prime Minister. They are also very alike.
Shintaro Abe is Yi Jin who born as the first son of Yi Un and Masako Ri.
So, Shinzo Abe Prime Minister is a descendant of emperor of Korea and japanese Imperial family.

This is a family tree that helps you to understand the relationship between Shinzo Abe and the Emperor of Japan and Kim Jong-un.
Shinzo Abe Prime Minister.
Emperor of korea.
kim Jong-un.
and the 124th Emperor of Japan Hirohito.

Shintaro Abe is not alike his parents, Hiroshi Abe and Shizuko Hondo.
But,he is alike Yi Gu, the second son of Yi Un and Masako Ri.

Shintaro Abe is Yi Jin, adopted son of Hiroshi Abe.
He said that he was a Korean.

North Korea may shoot missiles at Japan, but to cook up reasons why Japan and North Korea cannot normalize diplomatic relations.
If North korea is not an axis of evil, Military industrial complex can’t earn money.

In addition, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and most of his cabinet members are a part of the Nippon Kaigi (the Japan Conference), an ultra-nationalist group that aims to repeal the Peace Constitution and to revive imperial Japan with the Emperor as the head of state.

The founding members of the Nippon Kaigi are the fundamentalists of the Seicho-no-Ie cult.
They believe that wars are the best religious event for spiritual evolution.
They are wannabe warmongers, at the expense of ordinary citizens.

The origine of the Seicho-no-Ie is the Omoto and its founder is the Imperial family also.

Kim Jong-un is the lineage of the Imperial family of Japan, and the Emperor of Japan is the top of Illuminati, Satanists.
They want to break out the World War 3, but God will not forgive them. Their plans will be frustrated by God.

Bless you.